Beta Decay of Molecular Tritium.

  title={Beta Decay of Molecular Tritium.},
  author={Y.-T. Lin and T. H. Burritt and Christine Claessens and Gordon D. Holman and Matthew Kallander and Eric Machado and L. I. Minter and R. Ostertag and Diana S. Parno and J Engholm Pedersen and David A. Peterson and R. G. Hamish Robertson and E. Smith and T.D. Van Wechel and A. P. Vizcaya Hern{\'a}ndez},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={124 22},
The beta decay of tritium in the form of molecular T_{2} is the basis of sensitive experiments to measure neutrino mass. The final-state electronic, vibrational, and rotational excitations modify the beta spectrum significantly and are obtained from theory. We report measurements of the branching ratios to specific ionization states for the isotopolog HT. Two earlier, concordant measurements gave branching ratios of HT to the bound HHe^{+} ion of 89.5% and 93.2%, in sharp disagreement with the… 

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