Beta-1-adrenoceptor genetic variants and ethnicity independently affect response to beta-blockade.

  title={Beta-1-adrenoceptor genetic variants and ethnicity independently affect response to beta-blockade.},
  author={Daniel Kurnik and Chun Li and Gbenga G. Sofowora and Eitan A. Friedman and Mordechai Muszkat and Hong-Guang Xie and Paul A. Harris and Scott M. Williams and Usha B Nair and Alastair J. J. Wood and Charles M. Stein},
  journal={Pharmacogenetics and genomics},
  volume={18 10},
OBJECTIVES Black patients may be less responsive to beta-blockers than whites. Genetic variants in the beta1-adrenergic receptor (beta1-AR) associated with lesser response to beta-blockers are more common in blacks than in whites. The purpose of this study was to determine whether ethnic differences in response to beta-blockade can be explained by differing distributions of functional genetic variants in the beta1-AR. METHODS We measured sensitivity to beta-blockade by the attenuation of… CONTINUE READING

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