Beta‐chemokine receptors 5 and 3 are expressed on the head region of human spermatozoon

  title={Beta‐chemokine receptors 5 and 3 are expressed on the head region of human spermatozoon},
  author={B. Muciaccia and F. Padula and E. Vicini and L. Gandini and A. Lenzi and M. Stefanini},
  journal={The FASEB Journal},
Induction of human sperm chemotaxis is an established phenomenon, though signaling systems physiologically involved have not been identified. Recently, it has been demonstrated that RANTES is present in the follicular fluid and that this molecule is a chemoactractant for human spermatozoa. However, the presence of ß‐chemokine receptors on human spermatozoa has never been reported. By cytometric, Western blotting and immunofluorescence analysis, we demonstrate the presence of CCR5 and CCR3 on… Expand
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