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Best practices in localization testing

  title={Best practices in localization testing},
  author={Libor Safar and Jiri Machala}
These problems may be introduced simply because software translation normally takes place using tools " outside " of the actual running software application. Individual GUI elements typically pose few problems, but the general string table content may be more challenging, especially with the time pressures frequently imposed on localizers. Much effort often goes into providing localizers with as much information as reasonably possible about the context in which particular localizable software… 
Localisation Issues of Software Shortcut Keys
The aim of this paper is to investigate the localisation of shortcut keys and find a compromise between the contradictions to preserve mnemonics in the target language and maintain uniform command letters in the source and target languages.
Translation Challenges in the Localization of Web Applications
espanolEste estudio preliminar tiene como objetivo explorar la naturaleza de los desafios a los que los traductores se enfrentan cuando se embarcan en un proyecto de localizacion de una aplicacion