Best Practices for Launching a Flipped Classroom

  title={Best Practices for Launching a Flipped Classroom},
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Popularity is growing for flipped classroom instruction, which replaces lectures with out-of-class delivery of streaming video, reading materials, online chats, and other modalities. Face-to-face class time is spent on instructor-student and student-student interaction, including small group problem solving and discussion. Classroom flipping has its advocates and critics. Because of the theoretical and applied aspects of business and professional communication instruction, courses in the… 

Classroom as Workshop

So-called “flipped” classrooms are increasingly popular in postsecondary settings because they give students greater ownership of their learning and foster collaborative instruction. However, these

The Partially Flipped Classroom

Flipped classrooms are gaining popularity, especially in psychology statistics courses. However, not all courses lend themselves to a fully flipped design, and some instructors might not want to

Flipped Learning in Flipped Classrooms: A New Pathway to Prepare Future Special Educators

Abstract Preparing high-quality special education teachers is the purpose of special education teacher education programs. Educators are focusing on ways to enhance traditional models of teaching and

Promoting Student Engagement Using Flipped Classroom in Large Introductory Financial Accounting Class

Flipped classroom has become an instructional trend used by many universities especially in Science courses. The use of flipped instructional classroom encourages student to be actively engaged in

Student Perceptions of Learning and Engagement in a Flipped Versus Lecture Course

Current literature suggests that students have equal or higher learning outcomes in a “flipped” classroom compared with a traditional lecture. However, there are few robust analyses of the

Flipping the Business Administration Classroom

Research on the flipped classroom in business courses suggests that this approach can increase student involvement, task orientation, and innovation as well as motivation and engagement. Even though

'It can't be found in books': how a flipped-classroom approach using online videos can engage postgraduate students in dissertation writing

This article explores action research that introduced a flipped-classroom approach to teaching dissertation writing. The cohort involved postgraduates studying at master’s level, with a high

Enhancing Teacher–Student Interaction and Students' Engagement in a Flipped Translation Classroom

  • Yi Wei
  • Education
    Frontiers in Psychology
  • 2021
This review aims at exploring its effects on students' engagement and teacher–student interaction in translation classes and some implications and suggestions have been presented for language teaching stakeholders in translation research.

Flipped classroom: An investigation into learner engagement during non-face-to-face components

This paper investigated student engagement on the non-face-to-face component of the flipped approach in a critical thinking and writing class. Drawing from flipped approach and learner engagement

“A Little Flip Goes a Long Way”—The Impact of a Flipped Classroom Design on Student Performance and Engagement in a First-Year Undergraduate Economics Classroom

The flipped classroom is gaining prominence as an active learning pedagogy to engage a new generation of students. However, all courses do not lend themselves to a fully flipped design and



Case Studies and the Flipped Classroom

ase study teaching has been extolled for its ability to engage students and devel-op critical-thinking skills, among other benefits. But there is a price to be paid: greater prepara-tion time,

Evaluation of a Flipped Classroom in an Undergraduate Business Course

This study examined the results of a flipped classroom trial conducted for Business 1112, an introductory business course at Mount Saint Vincent University in the fall semester of 2012. Dr.

Redesign of a Large Lecture Course Into a Small-Group Learning Course

Compared with student experiences in the previous large lecture-based class, students in the smaller-class format reported a preference for working in teams and achieved significantly better academic grades with the new course format.

Peer Instruction: Ten years of experience and results

We report data from ten years of teaching with Peer Instruction (PI) in the calculus- and algebra-based introductory physics courses for nonmajors; our results indicate increased student mastery of

'Flipping' the Classroom.

  • D. Billings
  • Education
    The American journal of nursing
  • 2016
The benefits and challenges of using a "flipped" classroom to promote active engagement among learners and more meaningful interaction between learners and educators are described.

Before You Flip, Consider This

Leaders of the flipped classroom movement say each teacher will have a different experience, but securing school leadership support, time, and IT resources will be important to every effort.

Inverting the Classroom: A Gateway to Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment

(2000). Inverting the Classroom: A Gateway to Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment. The Journal of Economic Education: Vol. 31, No. 1, pp. 30-43.

Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation

This Discussion focuses on the design of the methodology section of a Qualitative Research Study, which involves mining data from Documents and Artifacts and dealing with Validity, Reliability, and Ethics.

How “flipping” the classroom can improve the traditional lecture

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education,
  • 2012