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Bespoke magnetic field design for a magnetically shielded cold atom interferometer

  title={Bespoke magnetic field design for a magnetically shielded cold atom interferometer},
  author={P.J. Hobson and Jamie Vovrosh and B. Stray and M. Packer and Jonathan Winch and Niall Holmes and Farzan Hayati and Kevin T. McGovern and Richard Bowtell and Matthew J. Brookes and Kai Bongs and T. Mark Fromhold and Michael Holynski},
Quantum sensors based on cold atoms are being developed which produce measurements of unprecedented accuracy. Due to shifts in atomic energy levels, quantum sensors often have stringent requirements on their internal magnetic field environment. Typically, background magnetic fields are attenuated using high permeability magnetic shielding, with the cancelling of residual and introduction of quantisation fields implemented with coils inside the shield. The high permeability shield, however… 

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