Besicovitch almost automorphic solutions of nonautonomous differential equations of first order

  title={Besicovitch almost automorphic solutions of nonautonomous differential equations of first order},
  author={Marko M. Kostic},
The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the existence and uniqueness of Besicovitch almost automorphic solutions and weighted Besicovitch pseudo-almost automorphic solutions of nonautonomous differential equations of first order. We provide an interesting application of our abstract theoretical results. 

Almost Automorphic Solutions in the Sense of Besicovitch to Nonautonomous Semilinear Evolution Equations

In this paper, we study the existence of almost automorphic solutions in the sense of Besicovitch for a class of semilinear evolution equations. Firstly, we study some basic properties of almost

Quasi-Asymptotically Almost Periodic Functions and Applications

  • M. Kostic
  • Mathematics
    Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society, New Series
  • 2020
The main aim of this paper is to consider the classes of quasi-asymptotically almost periodic functions and Stepanov quasi-asymptotically almost periodic functions in Banach spaces. These classes



Existence of Pseudo-Almost Automorphic Mild Solutions to Some Nonautonomous Partial Evolution Equations

We use the Krasnoselskii fixed point principle to obtain the existence of pseudo almost automorphic mild solutions to some classes of nonautonomous partial evolutions equations in a Banach space.


We study the convolution of Stepanov-like almost automorphic functions and L1 functions. Also we consider nonautonomous evolution equa- tions, with a periodic operator coecient and Stepanov-like

On Besicovitch-Doss almost periodic solutions of abstract Volterra integro-differential equations

Abstract. In this note, we introduce the class of Besicovitch-Doss almost periodic functions in Banach spaces. After that, we investigate Besicovitch-Doss almost periodic properties of finite and

Almost Automorphic Type and Almost Periodic Type Functions in Abstract Spaces

1. Metric, Banach, and Hilbert Spaces.- 2. Linear Operators on Banach Spaces.- 3. Almost Periodic Functions.- 4. Almost Automorphic Functions.- 5. Pseudo-Almost Periodic Functions.- 6. Pseudo-Almost