Beryllium induced sarcomas of the rabbit tibia.

  title={Beryllium induced sarcomas of the rabbit tibia.},
  author={Elizabeth Tapp},
  journal={British Journal of Cancer},
  pages={778 - 783}
THE experimental induction of bone sarcomas in rabbits by the intravenous administration of beryllium salts was first described by Gardner and Heslington in 1946 and their findings have since been confirmed on numerous occasions (Cloudman, Vining, Barkulis and Nickson, 1949; Barnes, 1950; Barnes, Denz and Sissons, 1950; Dutra and Largent, 1950; Hoagland, Grier and Hood, 1950; Nash, 1950; Araki, Okado and Fujita, 1954; Higgins, Levy and Yollick, 1964). All these workers administered the salts… CONTINUE READING