Beryllium and sulfur ion-implanted profiles in gaas

  title={Beryllium and sulfur ion-implanted profiles in gaas},
  author={James Comas and L. E. Plew},
  journal={Journal of Electronic Materials},
Atomic profiles of ion-implanted Be and S in GaAs have been measured as a function of implant fluence and annealing temperature. Concentration versus depth profiles were ob-tained by means of secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) techniques. Pyrolytically deposited and sputter-coated Si02 and Si3N4 films were used as encapsulants for the 500 to 900° annealing study. Semi-insulating GaAs was implanted with 200 keV34S+ to fluences of 1 × 1014 and 52× 1014/cm2, and 100 keV9Be+ in the 1 × 1013 to… CONTINUE READING