Beryllium Abundances in Stars of One Solar Mass

  title={Beryllium Abundances in Stars of One Solar Mass},
  author={Ann Merchant Boesgaard and Julie A. Krugler},
We have determined Be abundances in 50 F and G dwarfs in the mass range of 0.9 ≤ M ☉ ≤ 1.1 as determined by Lambert & Reddy. The effective temperatures are 5600-6400 K and metallicities from –0.65 to +0.11. The spectra were taken primarily with Keck I + HIRES. The Be abundances were found via spectral synthesis of Be II lines near 3130 A. The Be abundances were investigated as a function of age, temperature, metallicity, and Li abundance in this narrow mass range. Even though our stars are… CONTINUE READING