Berry phases in electronic structure theory

  title={Berry phases in electronic structure theory},
  author={K. Alan Shore},
  journal={Contemporary Physics},
  pages={434 - 435}
  • K. A. Shore
  • Published 2 October 2018
  • Physics
  • Contemporary Physics
Environmental phenomena – including the weather – involve flows of various fluids. Many industrial processes involve flows of fluidswhetherwithin large-scale plants such as oil refineries or micro and nano fluidics, e.g. in ‘laboratory on a chip’ devices. But such flows of matter are also encountered in less familiar contexts such as in cosmology and in elementary particle physics – quark-gluon plasmas. Given such a breadth of contexts, there is a major challenge in finding accurate and… Expand
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Among all symmetries constraining topological band spectra, chiral symmetry is very distinguishable. It is naturally realized as a sublattice symmetry in a host of physical systems as diverse asExpand
Emergent dual topology in the three-dimensional Kane-Mele Pt2HgSe3
Recently, the very first large-gap Kane-Mele quantum spin Hall insulator was predicted to be monolayer jacutingaite (Pt$_2$HgSe$_3$), a naturally-occurring exfoliable mineral discovered in Brazil inExpand
Magnetoelectric effect of a conducting sphere near a planar topological insulator
When time-reversal symmetry is broken on its surface, topological insulators exhibit a magnetoelectric response which is described by axion electrodynamics. A direct consequence of this theory is theExpand
Topological photonic Tamm states and the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model
In this paper we study the formation of topological Tamm states at the interface between a semi-infinite one-dimensional photonic-crystal and a metal. We show that when the system is topologicallyExpand
Axion coupling in the hybrid Wannier representation
Many magnetic point-group symmetries induce a topological classification on crystalline insulators, dividing them into those that have a nonzero quantized Chern-Simons magnetoelectric couplingExpand
Robust topology in quench dynamics simulated on near-term quantum computers
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Gapless hinge states from adiabatic pumping of axion coupling
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Location and topology of the fundamental gap in photonic crystals
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Realization of the Chern-insulator and axion-insulator phases in antiferromagnetic MnTe/Bi2(Se,Te)3/MnTe heterostructures
N. Pournaghavi ID , M. F. Islam ID , Rajibul Islam ID , Carmine Autieri ID , Tomasz Dietl ID , 3 and C. M. Canali ID 1 Linnaeus University,Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering, 392 31Expand