Berezin-toeplitz Quantization and Berezin Symbols for Arbitrary Compact K ¨ Ahler Manifolds

  title={Berezin-toeplitz Quantization and Berezin Symbols for Arbitrary Compact K ¨ Ahler Manifolds},
  author={Martin Schlichenmaier and E. Meinrenken and M. Schlichenmaier and S. Klimek and A. Lesniewski}
For phase-space manifolds which are compact Kähler manifolds relations between the Berezin-Toeplitz quantization and the quantization using Berezin's coherent states and symbols are studied. First, results on the Berezin-Toeplitz quanti-zation of arbitrary quantizable compact Kähler manifolds due to Bordemann, Meinrenken and Schlichenmaier are recalled. It is shown that the covariant symbol map is adjoint to the Toeplitz map. The Berezin transform for compact Kähler manifolds is discussed. 1… CONTINUE READING
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