Berea sandstone: A heritage stone of international significance from Ohio, USA

  title={Berea sandstone: A heritage stone of international significance from Ohio, USA},
  author={Joseph T. Hannibal},
  journal={Special Publications},
  pages={177 - 204}
  • J. Hannibal
  • Published 27 January 2020
  • Geology
  • Special Publications
Abstract Berea sandstone, a potential Global Heritage Stone Resource, has been one of the most widely used sandstones in North America. This Paleozoic sandstone, quarried for more than 200 years in Ohio, has been used across much of the continent. Thousands of commercial, residential, ecclesiastical, government and other structures have been built with Berea sandstone, including Thomas Worthington's mansion in Chillicothe, Ohio, the Michigan Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, the Carnegie Library… 
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