Beowulf as Pre-National Epic: Ethnocentrism in the Poem and its Criticism

  title={Beowulf as Pre-National Epic: Ethnocentrism in the Poem and its Criticism},
  author={Leonard Neidorf},
  pages={847 - 875}
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Names and Naming in Beowulf: Studies in Heroic Narrative Tradition
Considerable discussion has formed around names in Beowulf over the course of the poem’s critical history. Debate has persisted as to whether names reflect meaningfully upon their bearers: many
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The Gepids in Beowulf
  • Leonard Neidorf
  • Linguistics
    ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes and Reviews
  • 2019


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The story of Beowulf and his hard-fought victory over the monster Grendel has captured the imagination of readers and listeners for a millennium. The heroic Anglo-Saxon story survives to the world in
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Beowulf is the oldest and most complete epic poem in any non-Classical European language. Our only manuscript, written in Old English, dates from close to the year 1000. However, the poem remained