Benzylimidazolines as h5-HT1B/1D serotonin receptor ligands: a structure-affinity investigation.

  title={Benzylimidazolines as h5-HT1B/1D serotonin receptor ligands: a structure-affinity investigation.},
  author={Ho Law and Małgorzata Dukat and Milt Teitler and Dug Keun Lee and Lucy Mazzocco and Ritu Kamboj and Vik Rampersad and Thomas E. Prisinzano and Richard A Glennon},
  journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry},
  volume={41 13},
Benzylimidazolines may represent a class of 5-HT1D ligands that has yet to be exploited. On the basis of a previous report that the 2-(substituted-benzyl)imidazoline alpha-adrenergic agonist oxymetazoline (8) binds with high affinity at calf brain 5-HT1D receptors, we explored the structure-affinity relationships of a series of related derivatives. Each of the aromatic substituents was removed and then reinstated in a systematic manner to determine the influence of the individual substituents… CONTINUE READING

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