Benzotrifuranone: synthesis, structure, and access to polycyclic heteroaromatics.

  title={Benzotrifuranone: synthesis, structure, and access to polycyclic heteroaromatics.},
  author={Yan Li and Andrew J. Lampkins and Matthew B. Baker and Bobby G. Sumpter and Jingsong Huang and Khalil A. Abboud and Ronald K. Castellano},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={11 19},
Functionalized benzotrifurans can be accessed in one efficient acylation step from previously unreported benzotrifuranone. DFT calculations have confirmed the aromaticity of the heteroaromatic system and determined its electronic structure that is relevant to applications in materials and supramolecular chemistry. 
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Synthesis of benzotrifuran and benzotripyrrole derivatives and molecular orientations on the surface and in the solid state.
It is found that diverse molecular 3-D orientations were derived in their single crystals according to substituents on the molecules and that the emission properties in the solid state are dependent on their packing manners.