Benzodiazepine use and risk of Alzheimer’s disease: case-control study

  title={Benzodiazepine use and risk of Alzheimer’s disease: case-control study},
  author={Sophie Billioti de Gage and Yola Moride and Thierry Ducruet and Tobias Kurth and H Verdoux and Marie Tournier and Antoine Pariente and Bernard B{\'e}gaud},
OBJECTIVES To investigate the relation between the risk of Alzheimer's disease and exposure to benzodiazepines started at least five years before, considering both the dose-response relation and prodromes (anxiety, depression, insomnia) possibly linked with treatment. DESIGN Case-control study. SETTING The Quebec health insurance program database (RAMQ). PARTICIPANTS 1796 people with a first diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and followed up for at least six years before were matched with… CONTINUE READING
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