Benzodiazepine-site pharmacology on GABAA receptors in histaminergic neurons.


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The histaminergic tuberomamillary nucleus (TMN) of the posterior hypothalamus controls the cognitive aspects of vigilance which is reduced by common sedatives and anxiolytics. The receptors targeted by these drugs in histaminergic neurons are unknown. TMN neurons express nine different subunits of the GABAA receptor (GABAA R) with… (More)
DOI: 10.1111/bph.12280



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@article{May2013BenzodiazepinesitePO, title={Benzodiazepine-site pharmacology on GABAA receptors in histaminergic neurons.}, author={Alex C. W. May and Wiebke Fleischer and Olaf Kletke and Hubertus Haas and Olga A. Sergeeva}, journal={British journal of pharmacology}, year={2013}, volume={170 1}, pages={222-32} }