Benzimidazole derivatives showing antihistamine activity

  title={Benzimidazole derivatives showing antihistamine activity},
  author={Роса Куберес-Альтисент Мария and Фригола-Констанса Хорди and Парес-Короминас Хуан},
FIELD: organic chemistry. SUBSTANCE: product - derivatives of benzimidazole of the formula (I) (image) where R 1 and R 2 are similar or different and mean H, halogen, lower alkyl, hydroxy-, alkoxy-, carbalkoxy-group, non- or substituted aryl; n = 0-1; m = 2-4; X, Y, Z and W are similar or different and also form part of other aromatic or nonaromatic ring and mean nitrogen or carbon bound with halogen or with such radical as alkyl, aryl, carboxyalkyl, carboalkoxy-, sulfo- or alkylsulfo-group… CONTINUE READING