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Benthic macro invertebrate fauna and physico-chemical parameters in Okpoka creek sediments, Niger Delta, Nigeria.

  title={Benthic macro invertebrate fauna and physico-chemical parameters in Okpoka creek sediments, Niger Delta, Nigeria.},
  author={Awoteinm Dateme Isaiah George and Jasper Freeborn Nestor Abowei and Erema R. Daka},
The benthic macro invertebrate fauna and physico-chemical parameters in Okpoka creek sediments was studied for a period of one year. A total of nineteen (19) species(Ophidon ais serpentina, Arenicola marina, Eunice harassi, Marphysa sanguinea, Capitella capitata, Notomastus latrella, Notomastus tenuis, Glycera capitata, Glycera convoluta, Nereis diver sicolor, Ne reis pelagica, Ner eis virens, Nephthys hombergi, Nototropis swamidami, Cliber anus coo ci, Iphinoe tripa nosa, Chir onomus abla… 

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