Benjamin Leigh Smith's first Arctic expedition: Svalbard, 1871

  title={Benjamin Leigh Smith's first Arctic expedition: Svalbard, 1871},
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Despite five difficult and distinguished scientific expeditions to Svalbard and Franz Josef Land between 1871 and 1882, the British yachtsman and explorer Benjamin Leigh Smith published no detailed account of his expeditions. Best known for a dramatic shipwreck at Cape Flora in Franz Josef Land in 1881, his early work in Svalbard — particularly his first effort when he developed the Arctic voyaging and scientific techniques he would employ on his subsequent expeditions — has received scant… 

Benjamin Leigh Smith's third Arctic expedition: Svalbard, 1873

ABSTRACT In 1873, the British explorer Benjamin Leigh Smith concluded the private oceanographic and geographical explorations in the seas around Svalbard that he had begun in 1871 and continued in

The place names of Zemlya Frantsa-Iosifa: Leigh Smith's Eira expeditions, 1880 and 1881–1882

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Abstract Following his return from participating in Benjamin Leigh Smith's expedition that wintered at Cape Flora, Northbrook Island, Franz Josef Land, in 1881–82, William Robertson, the chief

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Benjamin Leigh Smith: a forgotten pioneer

Benjamin Leigh Smith was born on 12 March 1828 at Whatlington, East Sussex, a son of Benjamin Smith (1783–1860). The family into which he was born carried a strong independent line of thought and

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The place names of Svalbard. Oslo: Norsk Polarinstitutt(Skrifter 80 and 112

  • 1991

Svalbard : nature and history

Originalkarte zur übersicht der Reisen von Smyth, Ulve, Torkildsen, 1871

  • Mittheilungen aus Justus Perthes’ Geographischer Anstalt über Wichtige Neue Erforschungen auf dem Gesammtgebiete der Geographie von Dr. A. Petermann. 18: Tafel
  • 1872

Geographie und Erforschung der Polar-Regionen, Nr 58: Die Englisch-Norwegischen Entdeckungen im Nordosten von Spitzbergen, Nordfahrten von Smyth, Ulve, Torkildsen, 19

  • Juni-27 Sept. 1871. Mittheilungen aus Justus Perthes’ Geographis-
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