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Benjamin Franklin: the personification of Weber's 'Spirit of Capitalism'

  title={Benjamin Franklin: the personification of Weber's 'Spirit of Capitalism'},
  author={J. V. Kessel},
[Toward a sociology of self-help: an outline of its legitimacy in contemporary society].
From the origin of this concept to its connection with everyday themes, as well as the branches of academia responsible for the construction of this phenomenon, intellectual thinking is meant to show how self-help is present in the world of work and the capitalist system. Expand
The Evolution of Capitalism: A Comparison of British and American Literature.
Introduction In order to understand how capitalism has evolved over time, it is necessary to understand the origins of modern capitalism. The establishment of the mercantile system and the creationExpand
Sufficiency Economy and the Bourgeois Virtues
Abstract The king of Thailand articulated the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP). Supporters of sustainable development, including the United Nations Development Program, have embraced the SEP.Expand