Benin dressing in contemporary Nigeria: social change and the crisis of cultural identity

  title={Benin dressing in contemporary Nigeria: social change and the crisis of cultural identity},
  author={E. Okpokunu and K. Agbontaen-Eghafona and P. Ojo},
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Benin dress culture reaches back to antiquity. Such of it as is visible in the archaeological and ethnographic records spans a time frame of no less than six hundred years before 1897. Its forms and patterns have ranged from aesthetic nudity among children and slaves to the very lavish and overpowering heavy regalia of the King (Oba) and the senior nobility. Its contents included beads, clothes, body marks, bangles, anklets, raffia works and a great deal more. It was one of Africa's richest… Expand


Archaeology in Benin
Excavations and fieldwork in and around Benin City in the years 1961–4 have established the outlines of an archaeological sequence. This sequence is based on radiocarbon dates for stratifiedExpand
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