Benin and the Europeans 1485–1897

  title={Benin and the Europeans 1485–1897},
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Policing the Empires: a Comparative Perspective on the Institutional Trajectory of the Inquisition in the Portuguese and Spanish Overseas Territories (Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries)
Abstract This paper examines aspects of the political and social functions of the Inquisition in the overseas colonies of Portugal and Spain as they emerge through archival sources. The discourse ofExpand
The Genes of Freedom: Genome-Wide Insights into Marronage, Admixture and Ethnogenesis in the Gulf of Guinea
It is found that a previously reported high-frequency Y-chromosome haplotype in the Angolares has a likely Angolan origin, suggesting that their genetic, linguistic and social characteristics were influenced by a small group of dominant men who achieved disproportionate reproductive success. Expand
Two Oils, One Evil: an Appraisal of Contemporary Dilemma of the Indigenous Population of Nigeria’s Oil-Delta Communities, 1956-2019
This study examines the processes of economic transition and the corresponding impact on the Niger-Delta communities. It argues that the region has witnessed several epochs of economic transition;Expand
New Evidence on Relations between Portugal and the Kingdom of Allada in the Sixteenth Century
Abstract: The kingdom of Allada in the seventeenth century was an important supplier of slaves for the trans-Atlantic trade, and also an object of Christian missionary activity, but the earlierExpand
An Analysis of The Traditions of Origin of Ughoton: the Seaport of Old Benin Kingdom
This paper wholistically examines the issues relating to the origin of Ughoton in the earliest times. It analyses the political anxiety, crises, conflicts misrule, anarchy which characterised theExpand
Ancient History of Technology in West Africa: The Indigenous Glass/Glass Bead Industry and the Society in Early Ile-Ife, Southwest Nigeria
The technology of glassmaking is complex. This complexity has been cited for the exclusion of the development of ancient glass technology from certain regions of the world, especially Africa, SouthExpand
Commentary: Cautionary Tales and Culture History in the Evolution of the Benin Kingdom: The Ogiso Era
The prelude to the film version of Don Quixote opens with Don Manuel Cervantes jailed by the Inquisition for putting on charades. When inmates express amazement that anyone could be imprisoned forExpand
European Influence in Ijo-Itsekiri Relations in Nigeria
There is currently an uneasy calm in the Ijo-Itsekiri area of the Western Niger Delta. The two groups have intermarried, and had lived together for centuries. But towards the end of the last century,Expand
The Contribution of African Women to Economic Growth and Development: Historical Perspectives and Policy Implications Part I: The Pre- Colonial and Colonial Periods
Bringing together history and economics, this paper presents a historical and processual understanding of women’s economic marginalization in Sub-Saharan Africa from the pre-colonial period to theExpand
Redrawing historical maps of the Bight of Benin Hinterland, c. 1780
Given advances in digital cartography, mapmaking is straightforward, affordable, accurate and easy to scale. In the absence of reliable contemporary maps of pre-colonial sub-Saharan West Africa,Expand