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Benign migratory glossitis and allergy.

  title={Benign migratory glossitis and allergy.},
  author={D H Barton and Sheldon Spier and Theodore J. Crovello},
  journal={Pediatric dentistry},
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Over an eighteen month period, 5,466 ch//dren [rom a private pedodontic practice in South Bend, Indiana were examined [or benign migratory glossitis and a//ergies. Diagnosed benign migratory glossitis cases were ~rther analyzed according to sex, race, trod age. Two-way tests o[ independence vsing cbi-sqvare analyses showed a significant relationship between benign migratory glossitis and allergy. Surket said there is a relationship between benign migratory glossitis and allergy.’ This studyis… 
Benign Migratory Glossitis: Report of a Rare Case with Review of Literature
A symptomatic case of benign migratory glossitis in a child patient with history of asthma and allergy is reported, correlated with increased frequency in conditions of psychological stress and psoriasis of skin.
Juvenile Geographic Tongue with Atopic Dermatitis-A Case Report
This case report is unique since it presents GT in patient who is a male child with atopic dermatitis, and neither Psoriasis nor fissured tongue was seen.
Benign migratory glossitis or geographic tongue: an enigmatic oral lesion.
A case of migratory stomatitis in a young male patient: Management and differential diagnosis
Clinical features of a patient who presented with MS in conjunction with benign migratory glossitis (BMG) are described, and its diagnostic process and management is described.
Predisposition of allergy in patients with benign migratory glossitis.
Prevalence of Geographic Tongue and Related Predisposing Factors in 7-18 Year-Old Students in Kermanshah, Iran 2014
Pain and discomfort during eating was more prevalent in those with geographic tounge compared to those without this condition, and the prevalence of geographic tongue in male students was higher than in female students.
Geographic tongue: clinical characteristics of 188 cases.
A significant co-existence of geographic tongue and fissured tongue was demonstrated, with a typical appearance consisting of a central atrophic area bounded by a raised white circinate line with multiple tongue sites affected.
A Clinical Study of 55 Cases of Geographic Tongue
It is suggested that topical steroid or steroid gargle could be the treatment of choice for GT and improvement was observed in 75.0% of this group.
Geographic tongue: an SEM study
In this study, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to describe in detail the surface structure of geographic tongue, and some fungiform papillae with taste pores were seen.
Periodontal and soft-tissue abnormalities.


Hereditary component in the etiology of benign migratory glossitis.
Benign migratory glossitis is a chronic or intermittent, relatively innocuous condition that affects the dorsum of the tongue. It is characterized by discrete, smooth, reddened areas, usually with
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