Benign chondroid syringoma: a confusing clinical diagnosis

  title={Benign chondroid syringoma: a confusing clinical diagnosis},
  author={Mehmet Bekerecioğlu and Mustafa Tercan and Metin Karakok and Bekir Atik},
  journal={European Journal of Plastic Surgery},
Benign chondroid syringomas are benign adnexal tumors that occur most commonly in the head and neck region. There are two histological types of chondroid syringoma. They usually present as firm intradermal or subcutaneous nodules. Clinically these tumors are frequently misdiagnosed. The differential diagnosis is epidermal cyst, lipoma, and pilar cyst. We present the benign chondroid syringomas seen during the period of August 1995 to August 2001. There were 13 chondroid syringomas in 1921 skin… CONTINUE READING
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