Benign breast surgical biopsies: are they always justified?

  title={Benign breast surgical biopsies: are they always justified?},
  author={Stefano Ciatto and Rita Bonardi and Alberto Ravaioli and Debora Canuti and Federica Foglietta and Scott Modena and Fabrizio Zanconati and Claudia Cressa and Pietro Ferrara and Antonio Marrazzo},
  volume={84 5},
AIM OF THE STUDY To evaluate the indications for open surgical biopsy of breast lesions resulting in a benign histologic report. METHODS A consecutive series of 754 benign breast biopsies was collected from six Italian centers previously participating in a multicenter study on the benign/malignant biopsy ratio. Histologic diagnosis, diagnostic tests performed, final clinical diagnosis and the indication for surgical biopsy were compared. RESULTS Fibrocystic alterations represented the most… CONTINUE READING