Benford’s law and continuous dependent random variables

  title={Benford’s law and continuous dependent random variables},
  author={Thealexa Becker and David Burt and Taylor Courtney Corcoran and Alec Greaves-Tunnell and Joseph R. Iafrate and Joy Jing and Steven J. Miller and Jaclyn D. Porfilio and Ryan Ronan and Jirapat Samranvedhya and Frederick W. Strauch and Blaine Talbut},
Abstract Many mathematical, man-made and natural systems exhibit a leading-digit bias, where a first digit (base 10) of 1 occurs not 11% of the time, as one would expect if all digits were equally likely, but rather 30%. This phenomenon is known as Benford’s Law. Analyzing which datasets adhere to Benford’s Law and how quickly Benford behavior sets in are the two most important problems in the field. Most previous work studied systems of independent random variables, and relied on the… CONTINUE READING

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