Benefits of testing memory: Best practices and boundary conditions.

  title={Benefits of testing memory: Best practices and boundary conditions.},
  author={Henry L. Roediger and Pooja K. Agarwal and Sean H. K. Kang and Elizabeth J. Marsh},
The Value of Applied Research: Retrieval Practice Improves Classroom Learning and Recommendations from a Teacher, a Principal, and a Scientist
Over the course of a 5-year applied research project with more than 1,400 middle school students, evidence from a number of studies revealed that retrieval practice in authentic classroom settings
Effects of the initial test interval and feedback timing on L2 vocabulary retention
  • Lin Guo
  • Psychology
    The Language Learning Journal
  • 2018
The results suggested that memory is susceptible to decay and disruption after retrieval, and testing might not insulate memory strength and content from modification, but repeated retrievals might reduce the susceptibility to interference.
Not New, but Nearly Forgotten: the Testing Effect Decreases or even Disappears as the Complexity of Learning Materials Increases
The testing effect is a finding from cognitive psychology with relevance for education. It shows that after an initial study period, taking a practice test improves long-term retention compared to
Testeffekten i skolan : Mindre fokus men bättre hågkomst
Instudering med sjalvtestning leder till battre retention, jamfort med aterupprepad lasning (testeffekten). Studiens syfte var att (i) replikera testeffekten i en ekologiskt valid miljo (ii) jamfor
Examining the Relationship between Fact Learning and Higher Order Learning via Retrieval Practice
ii Acknowledgements iv List of Tables vii List of Figures viii List of Appendices ix Introduction 1 Higher Order Skills 2 Thinking with the Basics versus Thinking is Basic 4 Retrieval Practice 11
A Framework for Research on Education With Technology
Educational software offers the potential for greatly enhanced student learning. The current availability and political will for trying new approaches means that there is currently much interest in
Effects of feedback timing on second language vocabulary learning: Does delaying feedback increase learning?
Feedback, or information given to learners regarding their performance, is found to facilitate second language (L2) learning. Research also suggests that the timing of feedback (whether it is
Examining the Testing Effect using the Dual-Process Signal Detection Model
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Inoculating against eyewitness suggestibility via interpolated verbatim vs. gist testing
Whereas verbatim testing was successful in completely inoculating against suggestibility, gist testing did not reduce it whatsoever, particularly in light of the comparable testing effects found for these two modes of interpolated testing.