Benefits of napping in healthy adults: impact of nap length, time of day, age, and experience with napping

  title={Benefits of napping in healthy adults: impact of nap length, time of day, age, and experience with napping},
  author={C. Milner and K. Cote},
  journal={Journal of Sleep Research},
  • C. Milner, K. Cote
  • Published 2009
  • Medicine
  • Journal of Sleep Research
  • Napping is a cross‐cultural phenomenon which occurs across the lifespan. People vary widely in the frequency with which they nap as well as the improvements in alertness and well‐being experienced. The systematic study of daytime napping is important to understand the benefits in alertness and performance that may be accrued from napping. This review paper investigates factors that affect the benefits of napping such as duration and temporal placement of the nap. In addition, the influence of… CONTINUE READING
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