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Benefits of an Abscission Agent in Mechanical Harvesting of Citrus1

  title={Benefits of an Abscission Agent in Mechanical Harvesting of Citrus1},
  author={F. M. Roka and Jacqueline K. Burns and James P. Syvertsen and Robert C. Ebel},
An abscission agent is a chemical compound that when sprayed prior to harvest will induce physiological changes that reduce the picking force to remove mature citrus fruit from the tree. In the Florida citrus crop, an effective abscission agent could potentially boost the operational efficiency of citrus mechanical harvesting systems in four ways. First, and most important, an abscission agent will extend the harvest window of mechanical systems by allowing access to late-season Valencia orange… 

IFAS Citrus Initiative Annual Research and Extension Progress Report 2006-07 Mechanical Harvesting and Abscission

Detailed Accomplishments in 2008-09: Processors are concerned about peel integrity of CMNP-treated fruit. We conducted 2 trials in March and April with Valencia oranges to determine the postharvest

Oleocellosis Injury of Fruitlets from Late-season Mechanical Harvesting of ‘Valencia’ Orange Trees after Different Irrigation Treatments Does Not Affect Internal Fruit Quality

Overall, fruit surface oleocellosis decreased and healed as fruit expanded, but surface blemishes did not completely disappear, and fruitlet oleicellosis in late-season mechanically harvested trees was cosmetic and did not increase fruit drop nor alter internal fruit quality.

Optimization of a Citrus Canopy Shaker Harvesting System: Mechanistic Tree Damage and Fruit Detachment Models

Mechanization of fruit and nut harvesting is becoming increasingly important because of a significant rise in the cost of manual harvesting. This work proposes a progressive analytical approach for



Mechanical Harvesting Capacity in Sweet Orange Is Increased with an Abscission Agent

It is demonstrated that CMNP application increases harvesting capacity of trunk and canopy shakers by reducing time necessary to harvest each tree while maintaining high percent mature fruit removal.

Late-season `Valencia' Orange Mechanical Harvesting with an Abscission Agent and Low-frequency Harvesting

An abscission agent (5-chloro-3-methyl-4-nitro-1H-pyrazole [CMNP]) at 300 mg·L -1 in a volume of 2810 L·ha -1 was applied to Valencia orange trees [Citrus sinensis (L.) Osb.] on 22 May 2004. At this


Trunk shaking at full bloom did not affect 'Valencia' fruit set, but trunk shaking after mid-May can reduce next year's crop due to removal of immature green fruit.

Mechanical Harvesting Has Little Effect on Water Status and Leaf Gas Exchange in Citrus Trees

Long-term studies revealed that fruit yield of citrus trees was affected little by mechanical harvesting, and mechanical harvesting did not reduce CO2 assimilation, transpiration, stomatal conductance, water use effiency, or photosystem II effi ciency as measured by chlorophyll fl uorescence.

Recovery from Phytotoxicity after Foliar Application of Fruit-loosening Abscission Compounds to Citrus

ADDITIONAL INDEX WORDS. 5-chloro-3-methyl-4-nitro-1H-pyrazole, chlorophyll fluorescence, Citrus sinensis, ethephon, photosynthesis, sweet orange, water potential ABSTRACT. The use of abscission

Using Molecular Biology Tools to Identify Abscission Materials for Citrus

Two major objectives of the abscission research program at the Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred are to define changes that occur during the ab scission process in citrus fruit and leaves and translate this information into viable abscissions agents for the Florida citrus industry.

Orange yield and removal studies with air and trunk shakers using two abscission chemicals

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