Benefits of Sexual Activity on Psychological, Relational, and Sexual Health During the COVID-19 Breakout

  title={Benefits of Sexual Activity on Psychological, Relational, and Sexual Health During the COVID-19 Breakout},
  author={Daniele Mollaioli and Andrea Sansone and G. Ciocca and Erika Limoncin and Elena Colonnello and Giorgio Di Lorenzo and Emmanuele Angelo Jannini},
  journal={The Journal of Sexual Medicine},
  pages={35 - 49}

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This epidemiological picture is an important benchmark for identifying persons at greater risk of suffering from psychological distress and the results are useful for tailoring psychological interventions targeting the post-traumatic nature of the distress.
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Age-related changes in sexually related personal distress may help explain why the prevalence of sexual dysfunctions remains constant with age while sexual function declines.
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INTRODUCTION With nonscientific, religious, or magic arguments, sexual activity has been regarded in the past as dangerous to health. This opinion is now rejected, and intercourse is generally
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