Benefits Management as a Path for Project Management Offices Contribute to Programs and Influence on Project Performance

  title={Benefits Management as a Path for Project Management Offices Contribute to Programs and Influence on Project Performance},
  author={Vaniele Guimar{\~a}es de Carvalho and Sanderson C{\'e}sar Mac{\^e}do Barbalho and Gladston Luiz da Silva and Jos{\'e} Carlos de Toledo},
This paper analyses the relationships between the Project Management Offices (PMOs) functions and the results of performance indicators of product development projects, considering the triple constraint: time, cost, quality. A survey was conducted on a sample of 35 Brazilian manufacturing companies, which have a Product Development Process and a support of PMO for product projects. Although the survey´s results pointed out the presence of Project Management Offices on companies’ structure, it… 

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