Beneficial effect of 15% azelaic acid cream on acne vulgaris.

  title={Beneficial effect of 15% azelaic acid cream on acne vulgaris.},
  author={M. Nazzaro-Porro and Siro Passi and Mauro Picardo and Aodh{\'a}n S Breathnach and R. C. Clayton and G Zina},
  journal={The British journal of dermatology},
  volume={109 1},
Patients treated with azelaic acid (15%) cream for chloasma reported simultaneous improvement of acne lesions within the treated areas. This prompted an open study of its effect in cases of acne without chloasma. One hundred patients with acne vulgaris were treated for 3-9 months by twice-daily application of the cream with significant improvement in every case.