Benedict Augustin Morel (1809–1873)

  title={Benedict Augustin Morel (1809–1873)},
  author={Jean-Pierre Schuster and Yann Le Strat and Violetta Krichevski and Nicole Bardikoff and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Limosin},
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For scientists worldwide, 2009 was marked by celebrations of Charles Robert Darwin’s bicentenary. Born in the same year as the originator of modern evolutionary theory, Benedict Augustin Morel has also made a significant contribution to scientific thought. Indeed, Morel is the father of ‘dementia praecox’ and ‘the theory of degeneration’, two concepts that contributed to the understanding of mental illness at the turning point of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Morel, born in 1809 in… 
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This issue’s Intervention Insights section introduces the concept of ‘mind-emptiness’ as part of meditation and its relation to mindfulness and provides a practical solution for dysphagia, albeit in the context of neuropsychiatry.


Eponym and identity. Benedict Augustin Morel (1809-1873) and Ferdinand Morel (1888-1957).
  • S. Tsai
  • Psychology
    Archives of general psychiatry
  • 1968
IN THE psychiatric literature in English, Ferdinand Morel (Stewart-Morel-Morgani Syndrome) has often been confused with Benedict Augustin (Benoit Augustus) Morel (dementia praecox or Kraepelin-Morel
La théorie de la dégénérescence de Bénédict‐Augustin Morel (1809‐1873) : inspirateurs et thuriféraires
Augustin Morel est le pere de la theorie de la degenerescence, de la « demence precoce » et du « delire emotif », trois concepts qui, a la charniere des xix e et xx e siecles, permirent aux
La théorie de la dégénérescence de Bénédict-Augustin Morel: inspirateur et thuriféraires
  • Inf Psychiatr 2004;80:43–49
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Traité des dégénérescences physiques, intellectuelles et morales de l'espèce humaine et des causes qui produisent ces variétés maladives