Bending fatigue characteristics of DyBaCuO bulk superconductor

  title={Bending fatigue characteristics of DyBaCuO bulk superconductor},
  author={Kazumune Katagiri and Shunsuke A. Sato and Noritaka Tsuchiya and Koichi Kasaba},
Abstract The tests of mechanical properties of the rare earth single grain bulk superconductors have been conducted. In this study, three-point bending high cycle fatigue tests loaded in the a/b -axis direction and the bending fatigue crack propagation tests loaded in the c -axis direction of Dy123 bulk superconductor with 25 vol.% 211 particles have been carried out at room temperature. No specimen has broken up to the number of cycles 10 6 at the maximum stresses less than 60 MPa, the fatigue… CONTINUE READING

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