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Benchmarking quantum logic operations for achieving fault tolerance

  title={Benchmarking quantum logic operations for achieving fault tolerance},
  author={Akel Hashim and Stefan Seritan and Timothy J. Proctor and Kenneth M Rudinger and Noah Goss and Ravi K. Naik and John Mark Kreikebaum and David I. Santiago and Irfan Siddiqi},
Contemporary methods for benchmarking noisy quantum processors typically measure average error rates or process infidelities. However, thresholds for fault-tolerant quantum error correction are given in terms of worst-case error rates — defined via the diamond norm — which can differ from average error rates by orders of magnitude. One method for resolving this discrepancy is to randomize the physical implementation of quantum gates, using techniques like randomized compiling (RC). In this work… 

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Introduction to Quantum Computation Information

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Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London

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