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Benchmarking Best Practices Performance Results and the Role of Senior Management

  title={Benchmarking Best Practices Performance Results and the Role of Senior Management},
  author={Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett},
New product performance was measured in a number of ways in the study – see Exhibit 1. (Use these performance data to benchmark your business’s NPD performance versus the average and top performers.) We also identify a sub-set of Best Performing businesses, and focus on their practices: these are the “benchmark businesses” that one should strive to emulate. In this mini-report and subsequent reports, we probe what drives performance Benchmarking Best Practices Performance Results and the Role… 
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Success and failure rates of new food and non-food products introduced on the market
  • I. Rutkowski
  • Business
    Journal of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour in Emerging Markets
  • 2022
Theoretical and empirical research reveals that despite implementing new product development and management best practices, many projects fail with new product strategies. But what if failure rates


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