Bemisia tabaci Biotype Q is present in Costa Rica

  title={Bemisia tabaci Biotype Q is present in Costa Rica},
  author={Jose Andres Guevara-Coto and Natalia Barboza-Vargas and Eduardo Hern{\'a}ndez-Jim{\'e}nez and Rosemarie Wahnbaeck Hammond and Pilar Ram{\'i}rez-Fonseca},
  journal={European Journal of Plant Pathology},
Whiteflies are an insect group that comprises multiple species and biotypes, capable of affecting crops by phloem feeding, virus transmission and promotion of fungal colonization. The distribution of these pests is worldwide. In Costa Rica, a country located in the tropics, the most problematic whiteflies are Bemisia tabaci biotype B and Trialeurodes vaporariorum. In September 2009, two greenhouses in the Alfaro Ruiz region, northwest of the country’s capital, San Jose, were surveyed as part of… CONTINUE READING