Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Blues: Powering BRI Research Back on Track to Avoid Choppy Seas

  title={Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Blues: Powering BRI Research Back on Track to Avoid Choppy Seas},
  author={Jean-Marc F. Blanchard},
  journal={Journal of Chinese Political Science},
This piece examines and critiques the massive literature on China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It details how research currently seems stuck on the road to nowhere. In addition, it identifies a number of the potholes that collective research endeavors are hitting such as that they are poorly synchronized. It also stresses that lines of analysis are proliferating rather than optimizing, with studies broadening in thematic coverage, rather than becoming deeper. It points out that… Expand
Purpose of the study: The purpose of the study is to examine China’s hunt for the acquisition of energy supplies through the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) in the Middle East due to the unprecedentedExpand
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Servitization and Sustainable Value Creation Strategy for China’s Manufacturing Industry: A Multiple Case Study in the Belt and Road Initiative
  • Yuan Chang, X. Ming, Xianyu Zhang, Tongtong Zhou, Xiaoqiang Liao, Sijia Cao
  • Business
  • Sustainability
  • 2021
Manufacturers are adding service offerings to satisfy customers’ needs in various markets. Effective strategies for servitization can improve the competitiveness of manufacturers during cooperation.Expand
Alister Miskimmon, Ben O’Loughlin and Jinghan Zeng, eds., One Belt, One Road, One Story? Towards an EU-China Strategic Narrative
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  • Political Science, Economics
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  • Political Science
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Problematic Prognostications about China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative (MSRI): Lessons from Africa and the Middle East
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Understanding and minimizing environmental impacts of the Belt and Road Initiative.
  • A. Hughes
  • Medicine, Geography
  • Conservation biology : the journal of the Society for Conservation Biology
  • 2019
Using the highest resolution route maps of the BRI available, this work overlaid the proposed road and rail routes on KBAs, protected areas, and predicted biodiversity hotspots for over 4138 animal and 7371 plant species and found infrastructure, especially mining, was clustered near the proposed route. Expand