Below-bandgap electroluminescence related to doping spikes in boron-implanted silicon pn diodes

  title={Below-bandgap electroluminescence related to doping spikes in boron-implanted silicon pn diodes},
  author={J. M. Sun and T. Dekorsy and W. Skorupa and Bernhard Schmidt and Arndt Muecklich and M. Helm},
The origin of two luminescence bands with maxima around 1.05 eV and 0.95 eV is studied in silicon pn diodes prepared by boron implantation. The two peaks are related to the formation of p-type doping spikes on a nanometer scale. These doping spikes are generated by long-time thermal activation of preformed boron clusters. The peak with a larger binding energy stems from spatially indirect excitons bound to doping spikes in a strained environment, while the peak with a lower binding energy is… CONTINUE READING
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38 Note that blue shifts also have been observed in heavily doped

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