Bellingshausen and the discovery of Antarctica

  title={Bellingshausen and the discovery of Antarctica},
  author={Terence E. Armstrong},
  journal={Polar Record},
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For the last twenty years there has been considerable Soviet interest in the circumnavigation of Antarctica by the Russian naval expedition of 1819–21, led by Captain T. T. Bellingshausen, with Lieut M. P. Lazarev as his second in command, in the sloops Vostok and Mirnyy. It is now reasonably certain that Bellingshausen sighted the Antarctic continent several times, notably on 27 January 1820 (New Style) at a point about lat 69°21′S, long 2°14′W, and was thus the first to see it (Edward… 

The Russian Antarctic Expedition under the command of Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and its reception in Russia and the world

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Antarctica is a land of harsh climate and mystery. The continent was probably first seen by Thaddeus Thaddevitch Bellingshausen (1778‐1852), a Russian naval officer, in January 1820, when he observed

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Bellingshausen and the Russian Antarctic expedition, 1819–21

Rip Bulkeley, a UK-based independent historian, has a long-standing interest in the history of earth sciences, which led him to study the Russian language some time ago. He later developed an



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