Belle II public and private cloud management in VMDIRAC system.

  title={Belle II public and private cloud management in VMDIRAC system.},
  author={R. Grzymkowski and Takanori Hara},
The role of cloud computing technology in the distributed computing for HEP experiments grows rapidly. Some experiments (Atlas, BES-III, LHCb) already exploit private and public cloud resources for the data processing. Future experiments such as Belle II or upgraded LHC experiments will largely rely on the availability of cloud resources and therefore their computing models have to be adjusted to the specific features of cloud environment, in particular to the on-demand computing paradigm.Belle… CONTINUE READING

Results and Topics from this paper.

Key Quantitative Results

  • With the DIRAC system we achieved great failover mechanism of many services, like job submission [8] and even sudden Spot Instances shutdown can be easily handled and job can be rescheduled, thanks to this mechanism the efficiency of whole Belle II distributed system is close to 100%.

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