Bell on Bell's theorem: The changing face of nonlocality

  title={Bell on Bell's theorem: The changing face of nonlocality},
  author={H. Brown and C. Timpson},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
  • H. Brown, C. Timpson
  • Published 2014
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • arXiv: Quantum Physics
  • Between 1964 and 1990, the notion of nonlocality in Bell's papers underwent a profound change as his nonlocality theorem gradually became detached from quantum mechanics, and referred to wider probabilistic theories involving correlations between separated beables. The proposition that standard quantum mechanics is itself nonlocal (more precisely, that it violates `local causality') became divorced from the Bell theorem per se from 1976 on, although this important point is widely overlooked in… CONTINUE READING
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