Beliefs about Menstruation: A Study from Rural Pondicherry

  title={Beliefs about Menstruation: A Study from Rural Pondicherry},
  author={Rajkumar Patil and Lokesh Agarwal and M A I Khan and Sanjeev K. Gupta and D. R. Vedapriya and M. Raghavia and Anuj Mittal},
  journal={Indian Journal of Medical Specialities},
Many traditional practices and myths surround normal physiological processes such as menarche, and when young people are not given scientific explanations of such phenomena, they are left puzzled and are unable to differentiate between myth and reality [1]. Still one can find a woman sitting in neglected corner of a house in any village because of her menstrual period. In India even mere mention of the topic has been a taboo in the past and even to this date the cultural and social influences… 

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  • K. Vaishnavi
  • Education, Medicine
    Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development
  • 2020
The present study showed that the structured teaching program on menstrual hygiene changed the perceptual myths about menstruation and revealed that the myths on menstruation were decreased after providing health education on menstruations.

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  • Psychology
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Religious restrictions during menstruation were highly prevalent among adolescent girls, followed by restriction of routine activity and work/academically related activity, and construct validity has identified a six-factor structure for the menstruation-related activity restriction questionnaire.



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