Belief System, Deity, and Pandemics: A Sociological Analysis

  title={Belief System, Deity, and Pandemics: A Sociological Analysis},
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  • Debleena Biswas
  • Published 2022
  • Sociology
  • COVID-19: Tackling Global Pandemics through Scientific and Social Tools



Past pandemics and their parallel situation in Nepal

Pandemics have been occurring in the world since time immemorial. It is difficult in the case of the ancient pandemics but pandemics of later origin have conveyed some messages or the other. These

COVID-19, Mental Health, and Religious Coping Among American Orthodox Jews

Results indicated high levels of exposure, concern, and compliance with medical guidelines; however stress was generally low and evidence for positive impact was found, highlighting that for some, faith may promote resilience especially during crisis.


This review summarizes all information present till date about COVID-19, includes pharmaceutical drugs that showed a negative impact on SARS-CoV- 2 in in-vitro studies that can be used for its treatment till a suitable vaccine candidate is available and a brief comparison to SARS and MERS.

COVID-19 and religious congregations: Implications for spread of novel pathogens

  • S. Quadri
  • Geography
    International Journal of Infectious Diseases
  • 2020

Coping with Mental Health Challenges During COVID-19

This chapter focusses on various mental health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Witchcraft Beliefs In Diseases Causation And Health – Seeking Behaviour In Pregnancy Of Women In Calabar South – Nigeria.

Findings include: witchcraft belief of disease causation has a strong and significant impact on choice of health – seeking of pregnant mothers; witchcraft beliefs also has impact on high rate of morbidity and mortality of both infants and mothers.

Religious practices in South India to cure diseases.

There is belief in South Indian villages that epidemics are due to evil spirits surrounding the villages. The propitiating of Gods and Goddesses to get rid of diseases in these villages are

Indian cholera: a myth

  • Indian J Hist Sci
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Current trends in theories of religious studies: a clue to proliferation of religions worldwide

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