Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Zelle und ihrer Lebenserscheinungen

  title={Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Zelle und ihrer Lebenserscheinungen},
  author={Walther Flemming},
  journal={Archiv f{\"u}r mikroskopische Anatomie},
"Holo"er than thou: Chromosome segregation and kinetochore function in C. elegans
The nature of chromosome segregation in C. elegans is discussed and the consequences of the specialized holocentric architecture on chromosome segregation are considered. Expand
Rise, fall and resurrection of chromosome territories: a historical perspective. Part I. The rise of chromosome territories.
The early rise of chromosome territories within the context of the discovery of chromosomes and their fundamental role in heredity is described, covering a period from the 1870th to the early 20th century. Expand
Molecular Cytogenetics in the Era of Chromosomics and Cytogenomic Approaches
  • T. Liehr
  • Medicine
  • Frontiers in Genetics
  • 2021
The role of molecular cytogenetics in the context of yet available all other cytogenomic approaches is discussed, highlighting unique possibilities of the approach, like the possibility to study individual cells and even individual chromosomes. Expand
Three-dimensional structure of the kinetochore-fibers in human mitotic spindles
3D reconstructions have implications for models of KMT behavior and k-fiber self-organization as covered in a parallel publication applying complementary live-cell imaging in combination with biophysical modeling (Conway et al., 2021). Expand
Unjustly forgotten scientist Wacław Mayzel (1847–1916)—co-discoverer of somatic mitosis
A forgotten Polish scientist Waclaw Mayzel (1847–1916), who described somatic mitosis in the corneal epithelium of the frog in 1875 almost simultaneously with the recognized discoveries of animal mitosis by Otto Bütschli and plantMitosis by Eduard Strasburger, is presented. Expand
Contrasting theories of life: Historical context, current theories. In search of an ideal theory
The extent to which each of the current theories can aid in the search for a more complete theory of life is studied, and the characteristics of metabolic control analysis are explained that make it essential for an adequate understanding of organisms. Expand
Assembling the adipose organ: adipocyte lineage segregation and adipogenesis in vivo
Advances in the understanding of adipose tissue development are discussed with particular emphasis on the embryonic patterning of depot-specific adipocyte lineages and adipocyte differentiation in vivo. Expand
Centromere and Pericentromere Transcription: Roles and Regulation … in Sickness and in Health
CEN transcription and its contribution to faithful kinetochore function is reviewed, and how pericentromeric chromatin is silenced by RNA processing and transcriptionally repressive chromatin marks is discussed. Expand
Redox Reactions in Chromium-Containing Fixatives for Biological Materials
Abstract—A study of redox reaction kinetics in chromium-containing fixatives (mixtures of chromic acid, bichromate, formaldehyde, and acetic acid) showed that these fixatives were unstable chemicalExpand
The cohesin ring uses its hinge to organize DNA using non-topological as well as topological mechanisms
It is suggested that loading and translocation are mediated by conformational changes in cohesin’s hinge driven by cycles of ATP hydrolysis. Expand