Beitrag zur Systematik und Klassifikation der europäischen Notodontidae (Lepidoptera, Notodontidae)

  title={Beitrag zur Systematik und Klassifikation der europ{\"a}ischen Notodontidae (Lepidoptera, Notodontidae)},
  author={Alexander Schintlmeister},
  journal={Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift},
The simple matching coefficient (per cent similarity) and the coefficients of taxonomic distance are calculated for 47 european Notodontidae basing upon 50 characters. For this a calculator program in basic is given. The obtained dendrograms are used for discussing classification and systematics of the european Notodontidae. Clearly the ranks of genera and subfamilies are shown in the dendrograms. 
Phylogenie der Thysanoptera (Insecta) aus ontogenetischer Sicht
The position of the Mero- and Aolothripidae within the monophyletic Terebrantian suborder is very difficult and should be a problem for the future.
Taxonomic Variation in Larval Mandibular Structure in Palaearctic Notodontidae (Noctuoidea)
The mandibles of the 1 st to 5 th instar larvae of 61 species belonging to 32 genera of Palaeartic Notodontidae from Ukraine and Primorskii krai (Far East of Russia) were examined with the use of a
Zur Evolution mediterraner Faunenelemente unter den Notodontidae
Es wird festgestellt, daß eine Evolutionszeit of 5-7 Millionen Jahren notwendig ist, um klar unterscheidbare Arten hervorzubringen.


Zur Phänologie der Notodontidae der Mark Brandenburg (Lepidoptera)
Investigations on the phenology of 28 species of Notodontidae of Mark Brandenburg are analysed and discussed on the basis of data of 6893 specimens registred from 1961 to 1979 and show that groups of tightly related species show remarkable agreement in some phenological characteristics.
The effects of different numerical techniques on the phenetic classification of bees of the Hoplitis complex (Megachilidae)
The characters of the data matrix of the Hoplitis complex of bees were standardized and similarities computed as distance and correlation coefficients, and the classification based on standardized characters agreed well with one prepared by classical taxonomic methods.
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