Beiträge zur Kenntnis parasitärer und saprophytischer Pilze

  title={Beitr{\"a}ge zur Kenntnis parasit{\"a}rer und saprophytischer Pilze},
  author={H. W. Wollenweber and H. Hochapfel},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Parasitenkunde},
Einleitung S. 1 8 1 . I. Vermicularia FR. S. 1 8 2 . 1. V. dematium (PEas.)FR. S. 185. 2. V. dematium (PERs.) FR. ]orma 1 WR. n. f. S. 194. 3. V. dematium (PERS.) FR. var. WaUrothii (SAcc. ut sp.) WE. n. c. S. 204. 4. V. dematium (PERs.) FR. var. maerospora SAte. S. 205. 5. V. dematium (PERs.) FR. var. minor Wt¢. n . v . S . 206. 6. V. circinans BERK. S. 207. --7. V. Spaethiana ALLESCHER S. 209. 8. V. melicae FUCKEL S. 210. 9. V. graminicola WEST. S. 213.-II . Colletotrichum BRIOSI et CXVARA… 
Colletotrichum species with curved conidia from herbaceous hosts
A multilocus molecular phylogenetic analysis of 97 isolates of C. Dematium and other Colletotrichum species with curved conidia from herbaceous hosts resulted in 20 clades, with 12 clades containing strains that had previously been identified as C. dematium.
The Colletotrichum orbiculare species complex: Important pathogens of field crops and weeds
A new species is described with the same epithet and a type specimen that agrees with the current understanding of this species, and is linked to a living culture, as well as four new species from weeds.
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The first report of D. seriata as a new pathogen of P. laurocerasus is reported, making the pathogen potentially dangerous for this ornamental species.
Contributions towards a monograph of Phoma (Coelomycetes) VI - 1: section Phyllostictoides: characteristics and nomenclature of its type species Phoma exigua.
A description is given of the morphological characters of Phoma section Phyllostictoides and its taxonomical position is discussed. A key is provided for the varieties of the type species Phoma
Description of Colletotrichum lupini comb. nov. in modern terms
Two varieties of Colletotrichum lupini (Bondar) Nirenberg, Feiler & Hagedorn, comb.