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Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Corticieen

  title={Beitr{\"a}ge zur Kenntnis der Corticieen},
  author={Fr. v. H{\"o}hnel and Viktor Litschauer}
Solving the taxonomic identity of Pseudotomentellatristis s.l. (Thelephorales, Basidiomycota) – a multi-gene phylogeny and taxonomic review, integrating ecological and geographical data
This study studied the taxonomy, systematics, morphology, ecology and geographical distribution of P.tristis and its morphologically similar species, using gene trees generated in BEAST 2 and PhyML and species trees estimated in STACEY and ASTRAL to delimit species based on the ITS, LSU, Tef1α and mtSSU regions. Expand
Sistotremastrum chilensis (Trechisporales, Basidiomycota), a new species from Chilean Patagonia
Specimens of this corticioid fungus were collected in Huinay Reserve, in the Valdivian temperate rainforest of the Chilean Northern Patagonian region, and Affinities with other species of the genus are discussed. Expand
Taxonomy of Epithele (Polyporales, Basidiomycota)
A new genus, Myriothele, is proposed for Epithele philippiae, which has urniform basidia and spherical basidiospores, and a preliminary key to the corticioid and polyporoid genera and species with hyphal spines, sterile ridges, and plates is presented. Expand
The genus Dendrothele (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) in New Zealand
Nine new species of Dendrothele sensu lato are confirmed from New Zealand and nine new taxa are described, including D. ampullospora, D. biapiculata and D. pulvinata, which are described and illustrated. Expand
The genus Phomopsis: biology, applications, species concepts and names of common phytopathogens
An overview of the current status of the taxonomy in Phomopsis with special reference to biology, applications of various species, species concepts, future research perspectives and names of common pathogens is provided. Expand
Type studies of corticioid Hymenomycetes described by Bresadola
The new taxon, Phlebia cryptocystidiata, is described and illustrated, and an epitype for Hydnum flavicans is designated. Expand
Dendrothele griseocana (Corticiaceae) and related taxa with hyphal pegs
Two new taxa, D. americana and D. tanzaniana, are described and illustrated, and a new combination, Dendrothele andina, is proposed, a key to D. griseocana and similar taxa with hyphal pegs is provided. Expand
Monosporonella, a new genus in the Tulasnellaceae, Basidiomycetes*
The species has one-spored basidia; occasional repetobasidia occur and Hyphal septa are unclamped and have dolipores with continuous parenthesomes. Expand
Coniophora: study of 22 type specimens
The type specimens of 24 epithets of Coniophora were studied and most are redescribed. Eleven names are excluded from Coniophora. Seven are Hymenomycetes of uncertain generic position: C.Expand
Tomentelloideae in the British Isles
The Tomentelloideae Svrĉek comprises Tomentella Pat. in the wide sense (i.e. including Tomentellastrum and Pseudotomentella of Svrcek), Caldesiella Sacc. and Kneiffiella Karst. Forty British speciesExpand